Hello and Welcome: Different Platform, Same Journey

Hi everyone,

Let me firstly welcome you to my new blog here on WordPress. For friends old and new I am a woman living in the UK who has been documenting everything about her natural hair loc journey from day one. Over the years I have discovered a real joy in blogging and it’s made for an interesting experience having so much to look back on. I have also kept this blog as a personalised guide and support system for anyone interested in dreadlocks worn by afro Caribbean people. Our hair types are unique and I hope you will find useful tips and relatable content here. We’re a community for healthy hair, exciting miles stones and lots trials and triumphs.

The Move:

I’m brand new to WordPress but I have been blogging about my loc journey since 2012. Having experienced an unexplained technical hitch using the Blogspot platform I opted to start a new and continue my loc journey documentation here.

Sincerest apologies to all who were following me on Blogspot, I know many of you had hoped I would continue to post over there but I do hope you find your way over to WordPress so that we can continue to connect and share advice and inspiration.

And so on with the blog. I’ll do my best to have things up and running smoothly over the summer but in the mean time please check out my 2 year loc journey here for extensive insight into each step of my journey to dreadlocks until now.

Comments, questions welcome below.



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